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View our selection of units available for purchase! All of our units are customizable to your needs and desires.


Honda Civic 2021

$30.00 / day


Mazda RX-8 2018

$40.00 / day


Toyota Sienta 2020

$30.00 / day


Honda Civic 2020

$30.00 / day


Daihatsu Ertiga 2018

$40.00 / day


Honda CRV 2020

$30.00 / day

Maximizing Storage Space

Design your storage space your way. Whether you’re looking for a chic, minimalist space to showcase your toys, a comfortable workspace free from distractions, or a go-to spot for your friends to relax after a long day, your unit can fulfill any space you desire. We can help you find the right contractors to customize your unit.

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